We made it to Mexico!

We all made it to Mexico!!! My dad helped Oscar drive the 30+ hours down to our house in Mexico and my mom came with me on the plane rides to help me with the boys. Oscar’s trip was eventful but the Lord kept them safe and the van and trailer worked wonderfully! We had no issues with flights and the boys were well-behaved. A couple of friends helped us unload the trailer and the van so that we could get our things in the house quickly without making a scene and Oscar’s family has been helping us with meals and getting the house in order. I, Jenny, was very sick for the first couple of days (ever since I was in Elkhart) so that is why it took me a while to communicate and get back to normal. Thankfully, though, now I am feeling fine. 🙂
The boys are adjusting little by little to their new home, language, and the Latin culture of always having visitors at the house. 🙂
On Sunday, we were able to visit the church we will be attending as members (a new church plant…photos to come) and tomorrow we will be visiting the church we helped plant when we were living here (Fortaleza Familiar). We will be working together with them on different projects as well.
Thank you all for your prayers!!! We have seen God’s hand working in our move down here and we are so excited for what’s to come! Thank you also for your patience with our delay in communication as we get adjusted and unpacked.
God is good and we are confident that this is exactly where he wants to use us and we can’t wait to share more with you all as we see him move!

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